It’s nice to have someone see so much more than what is actually there for a change ..

May I confess to you
I’m not the girl you thought you knew
But maybe
Over time 
We’ll watch the waters rise
And sedimentary gardens grow anew

21.Aug.14 23 hours ago
21.Aug.14 23 hours ago


The district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights
And leave the autos swerving into the loneliest evening
And I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Birdy

21.Aug.14 23 hours ago

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19.Aug.14 2 days ago

Rendezvous with you 

nothing feels real anymore

18.Aug.14 4 days ago

I have so much I want to share with you, and yet I stand speechless.. 

13.Aug.14 1 week ago


New Navy - Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover)

13.Aug.14 1 week ago
11.Aug.14 1 week ago